Divit System is a technology company dedicated to innovation and change. In 2017, it was founded by a senior team with sustainable innovation vision.

Divit System with a focus on Business Intelligence, Big Data, Digital Transformation and Blockchain is able to provide end-to-end consulting services for companies or organizations in need of digital transformation with powerfull and effective ecosystem.

Divit System which gives importance to working with R&D teams and universities in the projects it produces is one of the most important stakeholders in the sector as a founding member of Communication Technologies Society (HTK) which established with the cooperation of state and private sector.

Divit System’s vision To be an active player in the digital world in the Blockchain field is to become the most demanding consulting company in Business Intelligence, Big Data and Digital Transformation. We aim to realize this vision with the mission of having a dynamic team which is human oriented, environmentally conscious and believes in team spirit, and providing the best solution to the needs of customers and suppliers.