Big Data

In today’s business world, companies are now seeking to add innovative values ​​to their competitiveness by identifying, collecting, analyzing and interpreting dynamic data. Advanced analysis with big data for businesses creates new opportunities. However, only a portion of the companies can have this advantage and can carry out the right people, tools, data and corporate goals together. Big Data Management solutions provide companies the ability to add a variety of data from hundreds of different sources in real time. The Divit System Analytical Group supports its customers with a team of advanced analytical experts and data scientists who have advanced degrees in fields ranging from statistics to applied mathematics and computer science.

Divit System, offers its services to its customers under the following headings:

  • Developing advanced analytical strategies that help customers gain competitive advantage from their data assets and analytical capabilities,
  • Increasing operational efficiency of companies processes by analyzing data of customers with advanced analytical models,
  • Real-time forecasting and monitoring of occasions that may affect the performance or operations of the businesses.
  • Capability to locate, get, extract, change, analyze, and blend data with different tools (Hadoop Distributions, Kafka, Spark, NoSQL Databases, R, Machine Learning, Phyton, NodeJS)
  • Identification of important information that can improve the quality of decision making,
  • Many similar studies, such as predictive modeling, data visualization, data mining, customer segmentation, experimental design, pricing optimization and social network analysis,
  • Developing the best approach to the challenges facing customers by combining the analytical rigor and process consultancy of case teams,
  • Existing data improvement, optimization and integration with external systems
  • Working with the R & D teams or the related departments of the companies depending on the project, to reveal the joint works.

Our Approach

Big Data is a strategic business opportunity that requires technical knowledge and organizational coordination, although there is no technology initiative to be left entirely to data scientists and IT departments. In order to be successful, they must incorporate big data and results in depth into their organization.

The approach aims to contribute to the corporate experience and strategic objectives by following the main steps below;

  • Determining the analytical journey of a company’s data.
  • Determination of analytical use cases that provide the highest value opportunities.
  • Developing data-driven decision support mechanisms through an analytical approach to company data with a good strategy.