e-organization’s transformation with eBA

An organization that has completed e-organization transformation process

  • Has business processes working with maximum efficiency
  • Has highest level of productivity
  • Has manageable business processes
  • Paper use is next to nothing

* e-organization: an establishment that has transferred all business process to the online platform and manages all process on the online platform.

Strong and Flexible Integration Capability

  • Strong integration with current operational systems
  • Easy and fast integration with popular ERP systems such as SAP, AXAPTA, Oracle, Netsis, Logo, Nebim, and Mikro
  • Integration with corporate portals through web services
  • Strong webpart integration with Sharepoint portal
  • ERP system integration of business processes not included in ERP Systems
  • Online management of business processes followed up in hardcopy format
  • Prevention of wrong data entry by communicating with the operational systems existing on the electronic platform

Work Flow Management System

  • Fast and online automation of business processes
  • Fast and easy integration with corporate applications
  • Reduced process costs
  • Process oriented business approach
  • Standardization of business processes
  • Traceability of business processes
  • Drag and drop technology
  • Minimum code writing required
  • Role based work flows

Document Management System

  • Arranging organizational memory
  • Safe access
  • Versioning
  • Systematic storage
  • Quick access through profile forms
  • Controlled access through Check-In / Check-Out
  • Localization support

Electronic Document Management System

  • Compliance to TS13298
  • Compliance to regulations on procedures and principles applicable for official correspondences
  • Standard file plan compatibility
  • Qualified electronic signature
  • Document Management
  • DTVT compatibility
  • e-correspondence package
  • KEP correspondences
  • Business to Business Communication through eBA KEP Integration 

Visual Reporting Support with eBA Dashboard

  • Easily reporting complex data structures
  • Simple and simplified illustration of complicated reports using visual elements
  • Easy analysis based on report results
  • Instant visual reports based on business needs thanks to easy and fast design options
  • Consolidation of data received from all operational systems thanks to extended data source support

    Transition to online platform with eBA Capture

    • Quickly transfers your documents to online platform
    • Easily categorizes your documents
    • Transfers to document management and all other operational systems
    • Improves efficiency and measures the performance of archiving team
    • Prevents non-standard scanning and document creation
    • Integration with scanners
    • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
    • Improvement and indexing with eBA Capture
    • Image Enhancement features
    • Black/White, color, grey scanning and transformation
    • Sorting out blank pages
    • Orientation and correction of unparalleled sections
    • Eliminating visual pollution
    • Resolution and size corrections
    • Indexing
    • Standard industry image formats such as Tiff, PDF, PDF/A BMP, JPEG, JPEG2000
    • Transferring index data as XML Metadata
    • Transfer in searchable PDF, Word, Excel formats with OCR support